Water Heater Cost Calculator – Tankless or Tank – Gas & Electric

Estimate costs of replacing your Hot Water Heater, with new Tank or Tankless, Gas or Electic model. Get prices to install 40, 50 or 75 gallon Storage Tank (6 / 9 / 12 years warranty) or new Tankless Water Heater! Choose your fuel source, tank capacity, venting options, etc. Estiamte can be adjusted to your state’s local cost (by US Region). Estimates include Labor, Materials, Building Permit and Local Sales Tax, and are based on on Real Contractor Prices in US.

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Understanding Price Estimates

You will get 3 estimated quotes – Low end, Mid range and High end pricing, which represents what different plumbing contractors may charge. Low end usually excludes Building Permit, but it’s not unusually that even high-end plumbers don’t pull permits, or requires extra fee to do so ($25-100).

Prices change from state to state, so choose your region to get more accurate local estimate.

switching to a tankless water heater

How to use Water Heater Calculator

Calculating the cost of Storage Tank Water Heater:

  1. Chose the type of your water heater – Tankless or Storage Tank
  2. If TANK, choose water capacity / size in gallons (40 / 50 / 75).
  3. Choose Fuel Source (Natural Gac or Electricity)
  4. Choose tank Warranty Period (6 / 9 /12 years). If you buy your water heater from a Plumbing Supplier, it’s likely that warranty will be 5/10/15 years. However, this may reflect just the “extended” warranty period and not a “better” tank. THis differes depending on manufacturer. We recommend getting some quotes, and then researching each manufacturer’s warranty details.
  5. Choose Venting – if you have a chimney and can vent into it – it’s recommended to get a model WITHOUT power vent – you will save about $465 with chimney-vented models
  6. Choose if New Construction or Residential Replacement of existing unit. No removal of old tank means less money!
  7. Finally Choose your region in US – praice vary greatly accross US – as much as 20% from lowest cost region (East South Central) to most expensive Pacific and North East regions!

To estimate replacement cost of new water heater:

Select additional options if your unit is Gas or Electic (upgradin service to 200 AMPs, Power Vent, Tankless Flow Rate in GPM, etc).

* Electic Service Notice If you want to install an ELECTIC TANKLESS Water Heater, it can consume as much as 112 AMPs (27KW, 240V), so if your panel is only 100 or 150 AMPs you will need to upgrade it to at least 200 AMPs – otherwise you won’t be able to power any appliances in your home.

Average cost of upgrading service to 200 AMPs is about $1050. So when you select your “current electric service” to be 100-150 Amps, the calculator adds $1050 to your total estiamte.